About us

The history of F-nadace foundation 

F-nadace foundation was established on July 25th, 1994. At first, it was devoted to its own projects in the area of mission through language education and Christian spiritual music. Soon after that, it started to support smaller Christian non-profit organization.

A change occurred in the second phase of the foundation's existence (circa 1998 - 2012) when foundation switched into a granting capital foundation. As the foundation's own capital grew, it generated revenue that funded Christian projects carried out by other organizations. The F-nadace foundation has been periodically announcing tenders for the support of Christian projects since 2000. At first, it was for education support; later for the support of youth work and outreach.

Since 2007, F-nadace foundation has been purposefully encouraging the generosity of others and inviting new donors to collective giving. In 2013, the foundation switched to a system of managing donor-advised funds without any overheads for the donors.

The purpose statement of the foundation

The f-nadace foundation supports non-profit projects, especially in the area of culture, arts, education and welfare, whose focus is to allow people to know and develop Christian spiritual values.