Comenius 2020

Comenius 2020

Comenius has not finished his work on the improvement of human affairs. Are we going to finish it? Or will we – as a Comenius‘ nation – begin to work on the fulfillment of his visions in our 21st century?
We are offering to fulfill his vision to young people. To make and create projects in 7 areas of ‘human affairs’: Family, Government, Faith, Art, Multimedia, Creativity, and Education.

Comenius believed in what God said, that transformation of human and society is possible. Throughout his whole life even during difficult trials, he was able to hold on to hope. The basic presumption for improvement was to begin from an individual and continue to families, schools, and even nations.

To improve, it is necessary to be willing to act, to know, and to want (scire, velle, posse). Transformation must concern not only common sense but will, character, and whole human being. That won’t be possible without repentance, reconciliation, and return to God. In other words, improvement of what Comenius called „nexus hypostatocus“ – fundamental connection with the Creator. This concept of human improvement may seem foreign to us in the 21st century, however, Comenius regards this as the first key to the improvement of human affairs.



How does your donation help?

Your donation enables the realization of project Comenius 2020 that includes the following activities:

1. Establishment and use of an interactive book

The book mediates Comenius’ thoughts and supports educational programs to schools. Students will get to know interesting facts through discussion, and they will be able to think about man’s deepest desires.

2. Project to schools

Over 50 Christian speakers were trained around the whole Czech Republic. Their role is to, through preventive and ethical programs for high and elementary schools, introduce main thoughts from Comenius and also the project to students interactively, with practical implementation to life.

We are thankful to all of our donors, that helped us reached 225 718 CZK, and get our project to 500 Czech schools.

Your donation enables us to:

  • train experts, who help to carry out the projects of transformation in other groups (PROPRO)
  • provide materials for experts for free and help with promotion
  • introduce the public to the spiritual heritage of J. A. Comenius (by organizing a public reading of The best of Comenius, exhibition, lectures, by issuing articles and shows being broadcasted in television or radio)

More about the project

For more information, please visit You can find and access the interactive book there, videos, and more resources to the project.

Impact of the project

  • We published a Book of quotes: The best out of Comenius‘ General Consultation on the Improvement of Human Affairs.
  • We created methodical materials for both elementary and high schools, and we trained 70 Christian speakers and teachers.
  • Until 15. 11. 2019, 40 schools and libraries joined the project by organizing exhibitions of Comenius’ timeline, and 34 schools carried out 81 programs about Comenius.

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