Daniel Kunasek

Daniel Kunasek


About coordinator:

“I am convinced that meeting of a person with Christ (at the student’s age) is a thing that changes the rest of life. My personal experience with the New Generation has gone many years back to the past, when I first joined the group, then led the group, further helped as a co-ordinator, and tried to establish new groups in the surrounding towns. In 2015, I spent a year in the New Generation as a volunteer, without any claim for financial reward. During this year, I devoted myself to start new groups mainly through presentations to various youth groups and different churches.

In the school year 2016/17, I worked in the New Generation mainly on group development and material development. And what now? My goal is to increase awareness of the New Generation and to increase the number of Christian groups in each school. So, I will devote myself to various presentations at youth groups, conferences, and churches, to encourage students to live with God in schools, through these inter-denominational groups, while arranging the attendance and encouragement of individual groups.”

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