Donors service


In the frame of our published funds, we give you the opportunity to be generous in projects that we have carefully selected in advance.

However, we also allow you to open your donor-advised fund in the foundation. Within your fund, you determine and decide which projects you want to support once or in the long-term. We offer you complete administrative assistance in proceeding with a donation, including tracking how the contribution is handled and used for the purpose you have defined. Information about donor-advised funds does not appear anywhere else than in the Annual Report.

We issue a donation certificate annually and automatically without a request.

0 % overheads

We offer our donors complete administrative assistance in proceeding the donations without any overheads. The donation that the donor decides to give therefore goes to a project in a 100 % amount.

Tax optimization

You can send donations to your fund on an ongoing basis and decide about its use later (for example, in the following calendar year). This offer donors tax optimization and the possibility of tax reduction from its base in a tax return.

  • Natural persons (employees, tradesmen, etc.) can deduct the value of donations from the tax base if the total value of donations in the tax period exceeds 2 % of the tax base or at least 1,000 CZK. In total, you can deduct a maximum of 15 % of the tax base.
  • Legal entities can deduct the value of the donation from the tax base if it is at least 2,000 CZK. In total, you can deduct up to 10 % of the tax base.

"Over the years, we realized how much work is associated with giving. We want to manage this responsibility that has been entrusted to us well. We want to give wisely and we want our gifts to bear fruit. Giving is a combination of the Holy Spirit's leadership and the use of practical skills and the activities connected to giving.

Petr Frolík, the founder of F-nadace foundation

We will help you:

  • to find a quality project.
  • to select the appropriate recipient.
  • to oversee accountability and effective use of the donation.