Kristina Pospíšilová

Kristina Pospisilova

Head of the New Generation office in the Czech Republic.


About the coordinator:

“My name is Kristina, I am 26 years old and happily married. Thanks to my parents and the people around me, I could see that working for God makes sense. I met the New Generation organization as a high school student. At the youth convention, I have met with Petra Rattay, who presented this ministry to students at school. I was interested in it, and I tried to get involved in the New Generation.

Since the school year 2018/2019, my husband has been working for the New Generation as a coordinator of the groups in Brno and near the neighborhood, and I have also decided to join in. This school year, I will coordinate the office of the New Generation for the Czech Republic. The head of the office helps in particular with the general work of the NG Czech Republic, mainly cooperates with the executive manager. I will mainly work in the field of data collection, distribution of necessary materials, and communication with groups at the national level. I will also manage various databases, co-ordinate prayer support and group materials, provide project activities, finance, etc., as well as facilitate communication between teams and ensure smooth progress and help with new groups (Gap Year and various training sessions).”

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