This fund is focusing on the support of evangelist Zdenek Uhlik and his family. His ministry is based on sharing the gospel in cooperation with churches and families who invite him. His work is interdenominational. He offers spiritual counseling, usually at festivals, camps, and other church gatherings. He visits sick people in hospitals and their households. He is also active in foreign countries.

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This donor fund supports the production and acquisition of outreach materials to churches and Christian organizations in the Czech Republic.

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This donor fund supports missional organization Christ For All Nations (CfaN). It is an evangelistic ministry focused on proclaiming the gospel in Africa (‘from Cape Town to Cairo’). The organization aims to support the missional work of Daniel Kolenda in Africa. Donations are used for the print and distribution of booklets, called ‘Now that I am saved’ used during evangelization. These booklets are for people who decide to follow Christ and join the church after the evangelization event.

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This donor fund is focusing on the support of New Generation Groups. The New Generation is the interdenominational movement of young Christians, who establish student groups at schools. Their activities consist of prayers for school, outreach, and ministry. The goal is to positively change the school atmosphere. An important part of the ministry is the distribution of Bibles. The motto of the New Generation is: ‘My School = My Responsibility’.

The support of the project:

Your donation will allow to spread the Gospel amongst young people at schools.

We support the coordinators who:

Your donation allows:

  • Presenting the Gospel at every school and university in the Czech Republic
  • Active involvement of students
  • Distribution of Bibles
  • Adoption of schools by local churches

More about the project:

The project leader of the New Generation is Petr Rattay from the Apostolic Church of Břeclav. The coordinator of the NG groups is Daniel Kunášek of the Christian Fellowship of Kutná Hora.

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This donor fund is focusing on the support of Alpha courses, which is an internationally popular way of evangelization. 18 million people in over 167 countries participated in these courses that took place in restaurants, churches, living rooms, or prisons.

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This donor fund Chance for the future, under the patronage of The Salvation Army, is focused on the support of preschool children who live in Roma settlements in Slovakia. They have no chance for the future and that’s why we want to give some of them an opportunity, by devoting our time, providing education and leading them to Christ.

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