Wholehearted school

The Wholehearted school

About the project

Help us give 13 000 meaningful hours to children! 13 000 hours must be spent at school per year, and we could use them for what’s important. We are establishing a school that develops healthy relationships, faith, courage, freedom, perseverance, and so on.

We are creating a school where girls know that they are beautiful, brave, and loved, and where boys explore that they are strong and full of love. A school, where teachers help each other to see their value through God’s eyes. Where there is a healthy fellowship and anyone can belong. Where children and parents have the opportunity to experience Christian values in practice.

We want to open the school in September 2021. We are planning to open 1. – 6. classes and gradually grow to 9th class with altogether 90 children (the verified number for coherent fellowship). The school will be openly Christian, open to Christians, and non-Christians.

For more information, please visit: www.celymsrdcem.cz


How does your donation help? 

Every 25 CZK enables to experience meaningful hour for one student.

  • 100 CZK – meaningful hour for 4 students
  • 250 CZK– meaningful hour for one grade (10 students)
  • 500 CZK – meaningful hour for two grades 
  • 750 CZK– meaningful hour for one class 
  • 1 500 CZK – a meaningful day for one grade
  • 4 500 CZK – a meaningful day for one grade
  • 9 000 CZK – meaningful day for two classes

To start functioning, we need 580 000 CZK. Later, we will have to cover expenses for the reconstruction of the building, class equipment, balancing the budget in the first three years of functioning. It is not possible to cover expenses solely from donations from the Ministry of Education. If we calculate the estimated expenses and students who spent their time at school, 25 CZK equals one meaningful hour at school for one student.

Future activities

We are opening an educational course for the preparation of our future teachers since January 2020. We aim to create a healthy environment, help them to get to know each other better, and help them gain solid ground in Christian pedagogy. Our team is preparing a program for teachers for free. In the meantime, there is a need to manage the things – create documents necessary for opening the school, approving school building… We need help and not everyone can afford it in their free time.

Would you help us fund volunteers for such tasks? The primary goal is to partially employ future headmaster or teacher.

We also need to cover expenses for required confirmations (lighting in classes, building authority…), promotion, and basic office equipment for our team.

Your donation enables the establishment of a school environment, where children will have an opportunity to spend their 13 000 hours meaningfully. It is a unique opportunity to buy time (for children) for money. 🙂

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