Joel Blowers

Joel Blowers


About the coordinator:

I am Joel, I’m 20 years old and I study theology and mission at ForMission College in Malenovice. I am a part of the Apostolic church Naděje in Bučovice. I came in touch with New generation at a Christian conference. I liked their work very much, and I got the confirmation from God to join the New Generation. In high school, we established a group with my sister. God used us, and we could witness our friends’ changing lives. We had a lot of support from our church and the New Generation Olomouc. I was leading our highschool group for two years. This year, I focus on Olomouc, where we organize outreach events (for example coffee to go, where we offer free tea or coffee to students and invite them to events and student services). In the following three years, I am going to dedicate a day a week to the New Generation. I participate in events, and help to run the New generation center.”

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