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Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and is a destination for up to 17,000 international students each year, mainly from China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, and the USA.

As part of her ministry with Friends International, Monica seeks to ensure that these students have the opportunity to develop friendships with local Christians who can provide practical help during their time in Glasgow. In this way, international students can learn about Jesus at the same time, and later, when they return to their home countries, they can tell about him there too.


  • to welcome international students to Glasgow
  • to connect them with local Christians and provide hospitality
  • to share the Gospel

Plan for the next academic year:

  • To support the local church in developing and organizing a regular program for international students.
  • Establish and develop a ministry to international students at the two universities through the support of Christian Student Unions (Christian Union).
  • To develop the Buddy Scheme in both online and contact formats
  • To organize regular training sessions for volunteers (on intercultural differences, communication with non-native speakers, what to avoid, how to better share your testimony, etc.)
  • Training through courses and seminars on friendly and proclamation evangelism
  • Welcome the students to Glasgow and support them during their stay here
  • To prepare students for their return home and the culture shock back home
  • In addition to regular events, to organize one-off events (Christmas, Easter) through which students can learn more about European culture and Christianity

Raising the target amount will allow Monica to work with international students full-time in the 2021/2022 academic year.

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