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About me

My Name is Nikol Lucie Sekulová and I have been serving in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, for the past 4 years. When I was 20 years old, I responded to God's call to come to serve non-Christian youth in North Macedonia. Up to this point, I have been working with young non-believers at a worldwide nonprofit organization called Young Life. From this September, I will be working full-time for my local church, the Evangelical Church in Aerodrom. Three years ago, I joined this freshly planted church and joined the leadership team as a youth leader.

It is not common for Macedonia to have many organized youth activities. Christian or non-Christian. That is why I feel motivated to help start a youth group for young people in my town. After 9 years working for a missional organization, the Lord has put the desire to work within a local church in my heart.


◉ to help develop a healthy youth ministry in the church - evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, and leadership

◉ to teach church kids to have a heart for their non-Christian friends, and also to have the heart to reach their peers in Macedonia, through relationships develop friendships and trust

◉ organize outreach camps for non-believers and organize discipleship camps for those who want to go deeper


What will I be doing next year?

◉ serve in my local church, help with logistics, and organizing events

◉ serve in a ministry called Kairos, which is a ministry that practically helps people in need

◉ lead our youth ministry:

  • Bible study groups camps
  • weekends away
  • youth services
  • training and developing leaders
  • building relationships with youth outside of the church

Reaching this financial goal will allow Nikol to serve in Skopje another year and will help support the work of the local youth group and the work of her local church Evangelska Crkva Aerodrom.


North Macedonia, Skopje

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