Nikol Sekulova

About me

I work under the national organization YoungLife and am dedicated to working with young people. Specifically with high school students, children with disabilities, and Muslim students in college. Together with a team of local volunteer leaders, we strive to listen to the students and guide them to restore Christian values that we believe lead young people to self-awareness, strengthen their resilience to negative influences, and develop their personalities.

There are no leisure activities for this age group in Skopje, and therefore I believe that through our organized and spontaneous activities such as language, outdoor, sports, club, and creative activities, we contribute to the realization of the potentials and gifts of the students.

When I was in a period of searching at the age of 16, meeting the leaders at YoungLife and Faith changed my life, and I have since seen a calling to serve young people.

Be a part of changed lives and contribute your gift to help make our dreams for the work in North Macedonia a reality.


Younglife Czech Republic


North Macedonia, Skopje

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