This fund supports the establishment of Christian schools in the Czech Republic.

A Christian school is a perfect place for the cultivating of a young person’s faith. Young people spend a third of their time at school – every day – up until they reach 16 years. Values and life examples they learn there will follow them their whole life. If Christian faith is part of the school’s DNA, its functioning does not have to be restricted as it is at public schools. Schools with Christian DNA have a positive influence on students, their parents, and they naturally become a place where Christians serve others. Currently, as part of this fund, we are supporting two projects.

The Wholehearted school

  • Establishment of a Christian school in Prague

The organizer of a Christian or private school has a responsibility to ensure that the school is provided with sufficient equipment. The second financial burden is insufficient financial resources for the functioning of the school in its beginnings, due to fewer amount of students in the first year of this school. If the school gains trust, capacity will be filled up and the functioning is economically self-provided. The common practice is lower pay for teachers, about approximately 10 %.

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The research of Filip Kachnic

Every human being has a breath, not every one of them has a voice. Among us, we have little human beings, whose voice is not heard but they make a big difference: they bring the topic of respect to schools. They are the children of immigrants. I am giving voice to these children. I want to get to know their gifts so that they could use them for the good of the whole classroom. Become part of this and help me carry out an offer to schools that includes free evaluation of the conditions of immigrants‘ education. We know that if the school has the right perspective on immigrants’ education, the presence of immigrants in classes starts motivating other Czech children. (OECD)

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More about this project

Activities of this fund are managed by Board Comenius, which, since 19. 11. 2019, consists of:

  • Mgr. Boris Váňa – headmaster of Comenius Hradec Králové
  • Mgr. Jan Kuklínek – Manager of fond Comenius, a guarantee of department Gospel to Schools, KAM
  • Bohdan Čančík – an education authority of Elementary school Brána, and pastor of The Unity of Brethren in Nová Paka
  • Curt Mobley, MA – a teacher of CISP Praha, Reach Global
  • JUDr. Leoš Brantál, LL.M. – lawyer, Church of the Brethren Frýdlant nad Ostravicí
  • Ing. Richard Váňa – headmaster of Elementary school Cesta, Church of the Brethren Elim Písek

The donor fund Educating Christian teachers focuses on support of educating Christian speakers in two categories:

  • Financial support of an educational course of a Christian speaker.
  • Cooperation with more experienced Christian speaker, who provides mentorship and feedback.
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