Ester Pluskalova


About the coordinator:

“I met with the service of the New Generation already during high school studies. I liked the idea of the organization, so I looked for other Christians at my high school and we started a group. We could have organized several events, also a team from Sweden visited us. We sowed into the lives of our classmates, we experienced adversities and miracles 🙂 I went to college in another city but when I learned that here is NG group, I joined them. During the last two and a half years, I have been actively involved in the preparations and during the events, I have become acquainted with a number of unbelieving students and started to organize groups for girls, and this year I would like to devote myself to the further development of work in Olomouc and also I will manage national Facebook and website and Instagram of New Generations and develop promotional materials for the service.”

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