Pavel Pospisil

Pavel Pospisil

Coordinator of the Development of New Generation Groups for Moravia.


About coordinator:

“My name is Pavel Pospíšil, I am 23 years old, I come from an unbelieving family and I study at Mendel University in Brno, I have been married for a year, my life has changed radically at the age of 18 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ as to my Saviour. God led me to evangelize at my high school, which was my beginning (2014). I knew about the New Generation, I tried to testify to my classmates, but I myself had problems with self-management, so I did not have the courage to lead the NG group. In the first year of college (2016), I prayed more with my friend for help for our school to know Christ and for the NG group. This lasted one year. God connected us at school with other Christians and the second school year (2017 / 2018) I started the NG group.

That year, I led the Christian group, and thanks to God, our school started to open the door and new things happened. We organized Christian lectures, pray for ourselves, for our classmates, and for the school. We organize evangelistic actions and our goal is to be the bearers of light and gospel. Perhaps in the last year, in a single lecture, almost a hundred students heard the Gospel, for which we are grateful to God. During this year, I helped the other Christian groups in Brno at universities through prayers and in a practical way. We held prayer meetings, leadership meetings, etc. My goal for the next school year (2018/2019) is to lead NG group and evangelize at my school and to coordinate other NG groups in Brno (8 groups), meaning to help expand their Christian action, communicate with group leaders (Facebook, personally) and to provide them with various evangelistic materials. Why am I doing this? For that unbelieving students meet Christ, and that even believing students learn to evangelize with their lives. May we have a Christian group at each school.”

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