Stanislava Markova

Stanislava Markova


About the coordinator:

“I’m 22 years old. Me and my husband currently live in Olomouc. I study at the Faculty of education, focused on special education. I enjoy graphic design, calligraphy, photography, and tennis.

The New Generation is very close to my heart as I like to meet new students with whom I can talk about God, and provide reasons for why I believe in him.
I was leading a group at high school. With other students, we were praying for our classmates, for the change of atmosphere at our school, and we also organized various events for students. I started helping with the New generation at university last school year. I plan to be more involved and help more this year. My responsibility is taking care of social media, preparation of regular meetings, leading small groups or coffee to go – it is an opportunity to talk with students while offering them coffee or tea for free.”

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